fridge selection chart

Fridge / Freezer break down at home. Emergency Situation Call 0418 465 072 Power Available

Battery Pack - Will power fridge and camp lights for 3 to 5 days depending on usage and environmental conditions. Can be slowly re-charged whilst driving from cigarette lighter or from mains power over night.

Choice of Fridge Size - Use the 40lt fridge if space is critical and few campers. The 60lt or 70lt fridge is best for families and groups. Some Fridges * can be both freezer and fridge at the same time with adjustable separate compartments.

3 Way Fridge - Excellent choice of long term camping without power and no way to re-charge battery pack. Use on Gas. Fridge is not economical on 12vdc power. Gas Fridge must be operated on a level surface. Gas bottle required.